Shutters are one of the popular options for homes in Melbourne. And as with any choice, there are countless options out there for you. But what works best for you and your home? Well, we have got the list of the five best shutters on the Australian market! Keep reading to find out what works best for you:

Aluminium Shutters

Perfect for the outdoors, and thanks to the material, is durable and reliable against the changing Melbourne weather. You will be able to enjoy the outdoors thoroughly and not worry about the condition of your shutters. They will be able to provide you with both excellent views and privacy when you need it.

Timber Shutters 

Oh yes, the classic timber shutter. Robust and tough, when natural timber is used, you know you are going to get a perfect product. Able to withstand the changing weather and direct sunlight, this type of shutter will help you immensely when it comes to opening up your private home to the outside world. A recommended choice.

Composite Shutters

These are known as the "wood shutters" because they give the impression they are made from timber. They’re not, but that doesn’t mean they are any worse. They’re an attractive option, and with good reason; great against the sunlight and robust enough to withstand humidity, it will not fade or crack in direct sunlight. This shutter option is a very logical choice for both outdoor and indoor rooms.

Plantation Shutters

Perhaps the most well-known shutters on the market, this popular option has been the number one choice for Melbourne homeowners for decades. With its simple design and natural flexibility, you will be able to use these shutters for any room (indoor or outdoor) in your home. With a broad range of plantation shutters colours and styles (including modern and traditional), you will be able to get the one for your home.

Cafe Shutters

Yes, the name comes after a locale, but they are not specifically designed for cafes. Their design is unique compared to other shutters, as only the bottom part of the window is covered, leaving the top section wide open. A very stylish and modern design, they can be used anywhere in the home, but are popular in bathrooms and kitchens. Don’t worry though; you can close the top half when you need to.

We hope that this information helps you when it comes to deciding which shutter is best for your home. But you don’t have to go far if you need help! If you are looking to get shutters installed, repaired or restored in your Melbourne home, contact Everything Blinds today! We can handle all the work for you and deliver the perfect job. In the end, our name says it all!