Many people just run into a store thinking that they want blinds in their home without properly thinking about it. They end up buying the blinds or shutters that the don’t want. So instead of ruining your home with the wrong blinds, take your time and ask yourself these eight important questions:

  1. Do I need to repair or replace the blinds or shutters in my house?

  2. And in doing so, do I replace them for the one room or the whole house?

  3. How many windows need the new blinds? Because this is going to affect my...

  4. Budget! How much do I have to spend on blinds or shutters in my home?

  5. What style would work best in my house?

  6. What about the material - which is going to worth my money, as well as deliver the style and longevity I want?

  7. What about the colour? Do they have something I want that is going to satisfy my creative needs in my home?

  8. What are the sizes of my windows?

Writing down these questions will help you start the process to see if you can and need to get new blinds or shutters in your home. It is a very good starting point to have and in the long-run, will make the process easier. This way, by the end of answering all these questions, you will be able to positively decide if you need new blinds in your Melbourne home. But more than that, you will get the blinds you want for your home.