Awnings are fixtures mounted onto the outside of a window to prevent sun and/or heat from entering your home or business. They provide the best block from heat, being a cost-effective, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly alternative to other cooling methods.


Awnings Repair & Installation Service

If you want complete control of the heat in your home or business, our customised awnings are the perfect solution. Everything Blinds can provide you with the complete package deal for your new awning– from installations to repairs to maintenance. We can guarantee that the awnings in your Melbourne home will be at their best when our team takes control.

Control Your Home With Awnings

One of the most popular and in-demand window-covering options that Melbourne homeowners seek are awnings. They are simple to use and easy to control. With our range of awnings, you will be able to maintain the amount of natural light you want in your home as well as ensuring that your privacy is secure. You will also be able to manage the heat into your home, guaranteeing that you can live comfortably in your Melbourne home despite the weather. These are just a few of the benefits that come with our awning selections. We have a vast range of awnings that can a real difference in the temperature of your property.

Professional Installers

We have help you install our popular awnings into your Melbourne home or business with our effective and efficient awning installation process. It doesn’t matter where you want the awnings placed. We can put them into room of your home. Our professional and dedicated can be expected to manage the whole installation process for you so you can sit back and relax.

Restoring Them To Their Best

If your awnings are broken, damaged or near the end of their lifespan, let us restore them for you. We can refurbish your awnings, bringing them back to the premium state. We have all the experience and knowledge to ensure that your awnings are functioning at their best. It doesn’t matter the age, the condition or the make of your awnings– We have everything needed to repair the awnings in your Melbourne property.

For your complete awnings service, contact Everything Blinds today. You can talk to a member of our friendly team on 0429 993 231 or email us at

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