Blind Repairs

At Everything Blinds in Melbourne, we specialize in providing expert blind repair services to restore the functionality and appearance of your window treatments. Whether your blinds are damaged, malfunctioning, or simply in need of a tune-up, our skilled technicians have the experience and tools to address a wide range of issues. From replacing broken slats and cords to fixing mechanisms and adjusting alignment, we ensure your blinds operate smoothly and look as good as new.

Our comprehensive blinds repair service covers all types of blinds, including Venetian, roller, Roman, and more, ensuring that no matter what kind of blinds you have, we can help. We pride ourselves on delivering prompt, reliable, and cost-effective repairs, minimizing disruption to your home or business. Trust Everything Blinds in Melbourne to provide professional and efficient blinds repair services, extending the life of your window treatments and maintaining the comfort and style of your space.

Blind Repairs Melbourne

Rejuvenate your worn blinds with our professionals At Everything Blinds, we specialize in blind repairs Melbourne. It is important to be proactive about blind repair, as you can avoid having to pay costly fees for a new blind. Instead, for just a fraction of the cost you can have your blinds restored to normal functioning.

For your convenience, we come out to your home or business and repair the blinds on-site. Depending on the fault, we have a van full of different blind parts to ensure we’re prepared for the most typical to uncommon repair needs.

We perform holland blind repairs in Melbourne on all types of blinds including:

  • Roller blinds
  • Hollands blinds
  • Roman and Australian blinds
  • All types of Venetian blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Honeycombs (including skylights)
  • Awnings
  • Curtain tracks

Most common blind repair faults in Melbourne:

  • Broken cords/chains
  • Broken cord locks
  • Broken tilers
  • Fallen blinds
  • Laddering
  • Deteriorated rings (Typically for Roman/Austrian blind)

Vertical Holland Blind Repairs Melbourne

Many people select vertical blinds for their aesthetic appeal and their functionality. When vertical blinds are adequately maintained they look great and work properly, however, if neglected they can begin to encounter problems. Firstly, the chains and the bottom clips have the tendency to break or get lost. Exposure to the sun can also cause the pegs to become fragile and break over time. Furthermore, the sun causes the mechanisms to become firm, which makes it difficult for the blinds to function. If you are experiencing any of these problems with your blinds, we are here to help. Not only do we repair problems with chains, clips, and pegs, but we can also recondition cords and all tracks.

Venetian Blinds repairs

Venetian blinds are a very popular selection for homeowners, however, they are prone to damage. Without proper care or maintenance, the tilt and turn wand and other mechanisms can get damaged. If you are forever pulling your blinds up and down roughly, it’s easy for the aluminum slats to get bent or broken. Even the cord can wear after being pulled too much. Whatever problem you are experiencing with your venetian blinds, our professional team at Everything Blinds will be able to repair it.

Roller Blinds repairs

Roller blinds are a preferred blind for those looking for privacy and the ability to control lighting. These blinds are crafted from stiffened fabric and aluminum tubs and as their name suggests, roll up and down. Considering their makeup, it’s easy to see why the most damage occurs to the blind’s material. Over time the material can fray, which really detracts from the look of the roller blinds. Additionally, the material can become detached from the top of the blind, which can cause a lot of trouble. At Everything Blinds, we can repair all these problems and bring your roller blind back to life.

For more information about our blind repairs service, phone our friendly staff at Everything Blinds today at 0429993231.

Client Testimonials

"We experienced the most excellent service from this company. I rarely write a review, but felt compelled to let those wanting anything with blinds don't hesitate to use them. Alexia and Joe are the most friendly and obliging people."
John Yeomans
"Highly recommend Everything Blinds. Repaired our Timber Venetian blind. Joe was great to deal with."
Lou Papillo
"Brett and his team were fantastic. They responded to my roller blind issue very promptly and fixed it just as quick. Can’t fault these guys at all. Perfect service"
Fil Farchione