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Everything Blinds is the specialist in venetian blinds. Venetian blinds are a popular choice in many homes owing to their style and functionality. They offer a timeless appeal with immense design flexibility. Following our many years in the blinds industry we have gained extensive knowledge about venetian blinds, which allows us to offer a range of different services. In addition to installing venetian blinds, we also offer venetian blinds cleaning and repairs in Melbourne.

If you have been weighing up the options whether to install venetian blinds in Melbourne, we have shared the benefits with you to help you make your decision.

Simple to install

Installation is very simple when it comes to venetian blinds. No matter how big or small your window is venetian blinds come in a variety of different sizes. We also custom make venetian blinds, to ensure your windows are perfectly fitted.


It doesn’t matter whether your home reflects a modern design, or you have opted for a more traditional style. Venetian blinds offer a versatility that fits any interior design. They come in a range of different shades, materials and widths, making it simple to match your new venetian blinds in Melbourne, to your home. Whether it’s timber venetians that take your fancy, aluminum slates that are more your thing or narrow blinds that cast small bits of light, the choice is yours.

Easy to maintain

All in all, Venetian blinds in Melbourne are very simple to maintain. On a regular basis you will need to wipe them down with a cloth or duster to get rid of any build up dirt and dust. To ensure they stay in top quality condition, you can also invest in Venetian blind cleaning in Melbourne. Our professional blind cleaners will come to your home and perform a thorough clean, which will make your venetian blinds look brand new again.


Venetian blinds are super easy to use. With the option of narrow to wide blades, you can simply control how much privacy you want. If you are leaving your home, you can close the blades so every part of your interior is blocked out. Conversely, if you’re home and would like the sunshine to shine through, you can completely open the blinds up fully. The choice is completely up to you.

Quality venetian blind repairs

Everything Blinds specialises in venetian blinds repairs in Melbourne. We can fix any bent or broken slats, so you don’t have to buy a completely new set of blinds. If you’re having trouble with your tilt and turn want or any other mechanism, we can fix these with no problem.

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