Honeycomb Blinds


Stylish, durable and energy saving honeycomb blinds

Honey comb blinds are renowned in Melbourne for their revolutionary ability to reduce power bills. The blinds are environmentally friendly and provide comfort from Melbourne’s harsh weather conditions all year round. There are many different benefits of installing honey comb blinds in your Melbourne home, which are outlined below.

Unmatched Insulation

Honey comb blinds help Melbourne households save on energy expenses. With Melbourne renowned for its harsh climate, insulation is important to keep your home comfortable. If you normally freeze in winter and boil in summer, then this style of blind is for you. Owing to their unique hexagonal shaped cells and structured polyester fabric, honey comb blinds provide exceptional insulation, as well as providing 99 per cent UV protection. Thanks to their structure they hold still air in the pockets, which maintains a more constant indoor temperature in your home. By installing honey comb blinds in your home, you will ensure your home stays refreshingly cool in summer and toasty warm in winter. You will find honey comb blinds are unrivalled in their ability to cool and heat your home economically. They are the perfect environmentally friendly option and will save you money by slashing your energy bill.

Visually pleasing

In addition to their insulating qualities, honey comb blinds are also very stylish and an attractive blind option. With their contemporary appearance, they are the perfect addition to any modern home, or to inject some style into an old home. No matter what size or shape your window is, honey comb blinds can be custom made to suit your home’s specific dimensions. They also come in a variety of different colours, to ensure they suit your interior. Additionally, there is a range of style and fabric options available including light to dark filtering fabrics. From different fabric to style options, they possibilities are endless. To create a uniform appearance from the outside of the home, the honey comb blinds are backed with a white colour. When the blinds are pulled up, they stack up together tightly, creating a minimal appearance.

Increased privacy and security

Every home needs to ensure they have an acceptable level of privacy. Not only is it comforting to know people cannot look in and watch what you are doing, it’s also important that you hide your personal belongings from intruders. Without blinds covering your windows, your home can be a smorgasbord of opportunities for hungry thieves. By drawing the blinds when you leave the home, you are sure not to attract intruders, as much as you would if everything was on show. When it comes time that you are home and want to enjoy the beautiful sunshine, you simply pull the blinds up and the specially designed cord lock system holds them firmly into place.

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