It is always good to freshen up your home on a regular basis. The beginning of a fresh new year is the best time to give your home a mini makeover and new window coverings are one of the top places to start when it comes to recreating your interior decorating. Windows and window coverings take up lots of visual space in a room. As a result, your curtains or blinds tend to be a very big attraction feature inside any room. Your window coverings are also incredibly important for setting the mood inside your home and for enhancing security.

If it is time for you to freshen up your windows then we highly recommend the following top blind picks for 2019.

Venetian Blinds – The Most Popular Blind

Many people in Australia choose venetian blinds because they are simple to install, versatile, beautiful and gives you plenty of control over the amount of sunlight that is allowed into the room. This is one of the best blind types you can get for your home in 2019 because they are still as popular as ever, they are so easy to maintain and clean and those narrow blinds are perfect for enhancing home privacy and security.

awnings2Honeycomb Blinds – For Terrific UV Protection

Our Summers can get sweltering and it’s highly unlikely the new year is going to be any exception! Honeycomb blinds are definitely one of our top blind picks for this year because they provide 99% UV protection and assists in temperature control of your home's interior. They are also beautiful, terrific for enhancing safety and relatively affordable.

Roller Blinds – The Slim, Privacy-Enhancer

Roller blinds are perfect for homeowners with lots of large windows but don’t like the look of layers of curtain fabric on their windows or the look of Venetian and vertical blinds with their vertical and horizontal slats that bar off your view. This is a top pick for 2019 because more homeowners are embracing large wall to wall windows due to the outdoor living trends. With roller blinds, you can cover these windows during night time and enjoy the same privacy a normal wall would provide. Roller blinds are also terrific for use along with curtains because they are so skinny and can easily fit behind your curtains.

Roman Blinds – The Feel of Fabric but Functionality of a Blind

These terrific blinds give you the feel and look of curtains because they are mostly made of fabric and are often available in a wide range of beautiful colours and designs. They also give you the benefit of roller blinds because these blinds have panels that lift away from your windows so you can enjoy a full and open view to the outside world. These blinds are a good pick for your home in 2019 if you love the functionality of blinds but still want that warm and soft feel and look of curtaining.

Blockout Blinds – A Perfect Blind for Shift Workers

More and more businesses are starting to operate 24 hours a day which means many more people are taking on shift work than ever before. Blockout blinds are a must for your home or bedroom if you are one of these people that frequently sleeps during the day and work during the night. These blinds are often installed behind curtaining and are used to block out the sun entirely to keep your space nice and cool. They are available in various styles but are most common in roller blind style.

Have you now worked out which blind type will suit your home best? At Everything Blinds we can provide you with the most beautiful quality blinds, we can take care of the blind installation for you and we can even get your old blinds repaired so they can once again look brilliant. Give our offices a call today to find out everything about our available blinds.